Friday, June 12, 2009


i keep on waking up just before three in the morning.

and in those instances, always, always, i notice
my heart responding to certain realities in my life
where i am most uncomfortable, or contented.

i have learned to listen to these
not so oblivious murmurs of my heart.

i am not sure if this is true for most of humanity,
but in this waking up, i have found
if i did a stupid mistake, if i have been found wanting
in charity, if a decision i made is ill-thought or ill-advised.

and i begin to see that early morning
the dawn, is where my consciousness is
freed from the garbage
of my mind.


if i choose
to do the
thing first,

i am allowing
to learn
from the God
of love

who always
takes the
first initiative
to make things

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