Thursday, June 25, 2009

prelature assembly

@ d assembly, we listened to p.bert,sj talk about the ongoing project: konsultmindanaw. it aims to consolidate what natives of mindanaw feel, think and hope about their place. the idea is quite succinct and very common sense: why ask experts 1. who were not even from mindanaw; 2/ talk about social analysis 3. when they haven't really lived with its people?

coming here a year ago opened to me the pain of a 'langyaw'-- a stramger, a learner who keeps on learning from the hard news... thank God, it's just the news.

i am amazed at the sight of empowered laity in our prelature. it is fortifying to witness these ordinary people committing themselves to the church and giving their best to respond to their social obligations without, as they say, counting the cost. suscipe indeed.

let us see what happens in the coming months ahead.


if i choose
to do the
thing first,

i am allowing
to learn
from the God
of love

who always
takes the
first initiative
to make things

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