Sunday, June 21, 2009

i was playing with our kitten last night. i got a koala tissue holder that i wrapped around the pet until she looks like a clown. how she struggled to fight and get out of her costume until she got tired, kept still, and started her "kitten-meditation" i was observing how she can possibly get off that koala thing. to my surprise she very softly jumped off the table walked slowly -- and off the costume went! i repeated the saga...she fought, and fought real hard, she got tired, she kept still and got lost in her "thoughts" again. she stood up and walked slowly, jumped and off went the costume!

i was thinking, hey, even peace and calmness worked for animals! unwanted struggles just slip by silently eventually, in a quiet heart.


if i choose
to do the
thing first,

i am allowing
to learn
from the God
of love

who always
takes the
first initiative
to make things

About Me

always asking and holding dear .......... the seed of divinity